**This article relates to AirParrot 1. As of September 2016, support for AirParrot 1 has ended. We encourage you to upgrade to AirParrot 2 for the best compatibility with new devices.**

Apple recently added a setting to the Apple TV that allows for only user-verified devices to connect to the Apple TV. Trying to connect with AirParrot when this setting is turned on will result in this message being displayed: This AirPlay connection requires iOS 7.1 or later on iPhone or iPad, or OS X 10.9 or later with the latest iTunes on a Mac.

To disable the setting, go to Settings > AirPlay > Security > Require Device Verification and turn it off. This setting was introduced in Apple TV software version 6.1. More on device verification can be found at the Apple support portal

On an Apple TV 4, this setting will be located in Settings > AirPlay and you'll see the Require Device Verification option at the bottom of this menu.