**This article relates to AirParrot 1. As of September 2016, support for AirParrot 1 has ended. We encourage you to upgrade to AirParrot 2 for the best compatibility with new devices.**

This usually happens when AirParrot is not properly closed. If the application is force quit or crashes while audio is enabled, this will likely happen.

To solve this, follow these simple steps to get everything working again.

  1. Open AirParrot and be sure audio is disabled.

  2. Close AirParrot completely.

  3. Access your Mac's sound settings. This can be done by right clicking the volume icon in the menu bar and selecting "Sound Preferences". Sound preferences can also be accessed via your Mac's "System Preferences" menu.

  4. Select the "Output" tab.

  5. Select "Internal Speakers" from the list.

  6. Select the "Input" tab.

  7. Select "Internal Microphone" from the list.

  8. Close the sound preferences.
  9. Reopen AirParrot.

AirParrot should now properly reassign audio back to your Mac after closing or disconnecting.