Reflector can be installed and pre-licensed by deploying a configuration file to desired computers.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Install Reflector on your machine and register the application when prompted, using the license provided after purchase
  2. In Finder, press and hold Option while clicking "Go” from the File menu and select "Library”
  3. Double-click the Preferences folder and locate "com.squirrels.Reflection.plist"
  4. Copy the .plist file to your Desktop (be cautious you don’t move the file)

From this point, you can write a deployment script to distribute this file into the same directory (~/Library/Preferences/) for all the desired Macs on the network. You can also deploy to Applications. The end-user should then be able to launch Reflector fully licensed. The program will check the above location for the proper file and should launch as expected without prompting for a key.