Chromebook users will need the Google Chrome Google Cast extension installed to enable mirroring from their Chromebooks. The extension is free and available for all current Chromebooks. 

Follow the steps below to mirror your Chromebook to Reflector 2:

1. Be sure your Chromebook is on the same network as the computer that has Reflector 2 installed.

2. Launch Reflector 2 on the computer you wish to mirror to.

3. On the Chromebook you would like to mirror, open the Chrome browser.

4. In Chrome, locate the Cast extension menu.

5. Opening this menu will present you with a list of destinations available. You should see the computer running Reflector 2.

6. Click the small down-facing arrow at the top right of this menu.

7. Select the "Cast screen/window (experimental)" option.

8. Select a device from the destination list.

9. Your Chromebook will prompt you to confirm your selection. 

10. Selecting "Yes "will begin mirroring your screen to Reflector 2.