Reflector 2 is an entirely new product. It has a ton of new features including Google Cast mirroring support, an all new control menu, YouTube live streaming, iOS 9 and 10 support, enhanced device layouts, voice-over recording and two iOS companion apps—Reflector Director and Reflector Student.

Reflector Director allows remote control of Reflector 2 ( and Reflector Student aids in discovery on complex networks while allowing one iOS device to view others that are being mirrored to Reflector 2 ( 

iOS 9 and 10 represents an entirely new AirPlay. Apple has taken serious time to improve the AirPlay protocol and has changed and improved nearly every aspect. While investigating the changes and working to add support to Reflector 2, we quickly realized that adding iOS 9 and 10 support to Reflector 1 would be incredibly difficult because of the way Reflector 1 was architected. As we dug deeper, we found many areas that would require significant rewrites of Reflector 1, more or less re-creating Reflector 2. Because of this extensive work required, we’ve determined it’s not feasible for us to add iOS 9 and 10 support to Reflector 1.

Reflector 2 is much more than just a basic, free update. You can read all about the new features of Reflector 2 here:

We have provided numerous, free functionality updates to Reflector for nearly three years. Because of the new technologies, features and functionalities, the price for Reflector 2 is $14.99 for a single license. You still only need one license per computer!

The original release of Reflector will continue to function as normal with devices running iOS 8 and lower versions.