iOS 9 represents an entirely new AirPlay. Apple has taken serious time to improve the AirPlay protocol and has changed and improved nearly every aspect. While investigating the changes and working to add support to Reflector 2, we quickly realized that adding iOS 9 support to Reflector 1 would be incredibly difficult because of the way Reflector 1 was architected. As we dug deeper, we found many areas that would require significant rewrites of Reflector 1, more or less re-creating Reflector 2. Because of this extensive work required, we've determined it's not feasible for us to add iOS 9 support to Reflector 1.

Reflector 1 will continue to receive OS X and Windows compatibility fixes until at least April 2016, and devices running iOS 8 and lower continue to work great on Reflector 1. If iOS 9 mirroring is something you need, we encourage you to look into upgrading to Reflector 2. In addition to iOS 9 support, we've added lots of awesome, new features like Google Cast support (for mirroring Android devices and Chromebooks), YouTube Live streaming, Reflector Director and Reflector Student companion apps, an all new layout engine and so much more. You can learn about all the new features here: