There are two ways to create a new room and link your Apple TV, Chromecast or other AirPlay/Cast receiver to the new room. First, you may use the  Ditto Configuration Utility. If your computer and receiver (Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.) are connected to the same subnet, this utility will automatically detect your devices and add the details for you. You simply need to select your device and click Configure Rooms. Once this is done, you will be prompted to name your Rooms. Then you are finished! 

More details on using the Ditto Configuration Utility can be found here. If you would prefer to create your room manually, this is possible using the Ditto administrative portal. Log in to your Ditto Account. Then click on Rooms.

Click on Add a Room. You will then be prompted to enter the device details. Please note that when manually entering these details it is best to be sure that the device is using a static IP address. If manually creating a room with a device that does not have a static IP, the room may need to be removed and re-created when this IP address changes. For best results we suggest using a static IP address with your device. More details on finding this information can be found in the following articles:

How to find Apple TV network information

How to find Chromecast network information using iOS or Android

How to find Chromecast network information using the Chrome browser

Once you have successfully created a room, it will be assigned a Room Code that others may use to easily connect to your device. You can see your rooms listed when you click on "Rooms" in your account portal.

That's it! Once your room is configured, anyone can use Ditto to quickly, easily and wirelessly mirror their computer screen using the instructions found in this article: 

Connecting to a room