The Ditto Configuration Utility will handle the creation of a room for you by automatically detecting AirPlay and Cast receivers on your network. In order to use the utility, you must run it from a computer that is connected to the same wifi network as your receivers. First, launch the Ditto Configuration Utility. You will be prompted to log in to your Ditto account. 

To obtain the Ditto setup tool, log in to the Ditto administration portal. You’ll find a link to the tool under Step 2 of the Getting Started section. You can also download the application here: Mac Win 32 Win 64.

Once successfully logged in, simply click on the Get Started button to begin searching for AirPlay/Cast receivers on your network.

The search typically takes less than 15 seconds to complete.

Once the search is completed, select the checkbox next to the receiver or receivers that you want to add to your Ditto account. This screen will also give you the networking details that you would need to create the room manually, such as the IP and MAC addresses. 

Click on Configure Rooms after you have selected your receivers. You will then be prompted to name your rooms one at a time.

Once your rooms are named, the process is complete! Click on Done to finish this process. A web browser will open to the Ditto login page, where you can use the portal to change any room details in the future.