If this issue occurs you will need to open a support ticket for further investigation. When opening a support ticket we will need to see the logs from when this is happening along with screenshots from the dxdiag tool on the PC. 

***If you are experiencing this issue with version 2.6.1 please enable the Classic Renderer setting in the Reflector 2 Preferences menu. To find this setting please open the Reflector 2 menu, click the gear icon, then select Preferences. In the Advanced section you'll see the setting for Classic Renderer then reboot the PC and give the connection another try. 

Instructions for logs: 

- Locate the Reflector 2 icon in the bottom right of your computer's task bar (near your clock) and click it
- Click the Settings gear in the bottom right of Reflector 2's menu.

-Click on Preferences, then click on the Advanced tab and set the Logging Level to Verbose

-Close Preferences, then click on the gear icon one more time

- Click "About".
- In the About menu, click "Locate Logs" and a folder will open in Explorer
- With the folder open, attempt to reproduce the issue you're experiencing.

Once you've duplicated the issue, return to the folder that opened and send us the log files and Settings.xml file you see in the folder. It's important that you do not restart Reflector 2 if it closes.  Doing this will overwrite the previous log file. 

Instructions for gathering dxdiag tool readout: 


Please open your Start menu and type dxdiag into the Run box. This will open a diagnostic window on your computer. We will want to see the System and Display tabs from this window. Please take a screenshot of each tab and send those so that we can take a closer look at your computer. Some more details on taking a screenshot can be found here: http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/