Apple has redesigned the AirPlay menu in iOS 10. Below are steps on how to mirror through the newly designed AirPlay menu to Reflector 2.

How to mirror an iOS 10 device:

  • Launch Reflector 2
  • Open the Control Panel on the iOS device by swiping up from the bottom of the device screen 
  • Select the AirPlay Mirroring icon 

***If you are not seeing the AirPlay icon in the Control Panel please refer to our help article on what to do at this point:

  • Upon selecting the AirPlay icon you will be presented with a list of available AirPlay receivers connected to the network. 
  • Locate and select your computer in this list 

  • Once your receiver is selected your device will start mirroring. 

***There is no mirroring toggle switch in iOS 10. 

If you are having an issue connecting the iOS 10 device then please proceed to our iOS 10 troubleshooting article: My iOS 10 device is not connecting to Reflector 2