AirParrot Features

AirParrot 3 Features:

  • Wireless Mirroring - Mirror exactly what's on your screen to a device.
  • 4k Media Streaming - Stream media files to supported destinations.
  • HEVC Support - Better video compression for better playback.
  • Multiple Destinations - Connect to any number of receivers at the same time.
  • Extend Desktop - Extended your desktop on Mac or Windows to another screen for more space.
  • Quick Connect® - Connect to receivers by Quick Connect Code™ instead of searching a list.
  • Audio Only - Stream lossless audio without video to devices.
  • Specific App Mirroring - Mirror a specific application instead of the entire screen.
  • Bluetooth Discovery - Certain Bluetooth-enabled devices can now be discovered
  • Recent Connections - Recently-used receivers appear at the top for quick reconnecting.
  • 1080p Mirroring - High-quality playback for large displays and resolutions.
  • Pause Feeds - Temporarily pause mirroring without disconnecting.
  • 5.1 Surround Sound - Enjoy surround sound with Media streaming videos when available.
  • Robust Format Support - Plays almost all media files.