Understanding Quick Connect

Quick Connect is a patent-pending technology that easily allows devices to connect without special network configuration requirements. 

Quick Connect communicates at the level 3 network layer. By establishing a direct connection at the IP level using a Quick Connect code, Quick Connect bypasses the requirement for networks to support mDNS and multicast in order to establish an AirPlay connection. 

Quick Connect codes are encoded connection information that allows two or more devices to begin exchanging information without additional discovery packet traffic. 

This means devices can connect across networks that may not support the requirements of AirPlay but are still capable of communicating with each other.

Depending on the configuration of your network, Quick Connect can even allow communications between VLANs, such as those used to separate student and teacher devices on a school network. Check with your network administrator to determine if layer 3 inter-VLAN traffic is enabled on your network.

For more information on using Quick Connect, visit this solution.