Supported Subtitles

Subtitles are supported in several different formats when media streaming from AirParrot 3 to an Apple TV or Chromecast:

Media files that have embedded subtitles work great in AirParrot 3.

Bitmap subtitles are not yet supported in AirParrot 3. These are typically rare but we plan to add support for them in a future update.

External subtitle files also work in AirParrot 3. Subtitle files should be named with the same filename as the media file followed by the language. Example: Furious7.BRRip.mp4 would require a subtitle file to be named

The following subtitle extensions are supported by AirParrot 3:

  •  .srt
  •  .subrip
  •  .ssa
  •  .ass
  •  .microdvd
  •  .mov_text
  •  .mp12
  •  .sub
  •  .txt
  •  .mp1
  •  .mp2