My license key doesn't work

There are two common reasons why AirParrot 3 might reject your license key. AirParrot license keys are specific to the operating system they were purchased for. Additionally, AirParrot 1 and 2 keys will not activate AirParrot 3.

Unless you purchase a universal license key, AirParrot keys are operating-system-specific, meaning they only register the software on the operating system the key was purchased for. If your key is not registering the software, make sure you've purchased a key for the correct operating system.

The original AirParrot and AirParrot 2/3 use different license keys. 

AirParrot 3 uses a new style of the license key. This key is much shorter than the original key for AirParrot. These are separate license keys that are purchased independently.

If your license key doesn't fit in the registration box, it's likely you've got an AirParrot key, not an AirParrot 3 key.

The new style of keys follows this format:


Old keys are very long strings of random characters. These keys often exceed 100 characters. 

AirParrot 3 registration window:

AirParrot 2 registration window:

AirParrot 1 registration window:

Can't find your key?

Use our license key lookup tool to locate your key.