Generate and collect a log file for Windows

If you are requested to send logs from our Support team or you are having an issue with AirParrot 3 that needs analyzed, please follow the instructions below: 

Step 1

Click on the AirParrot 3 icon at the bottom right of your computer near your clock

Step 2

Click on the Settings gear at the bottom right of AirParrot 3's main menu.

Step 3

Open the Preferences, then click on the General tab and set the Advanced Logging setting to Verbose

Close Preferences, then click on the gear icon one more time

Step 5

Click on "About".

Step 6

Click on "Locate Logs", this will open the folder where your log files are stored

Step 7

Reproduce the issue

Step 8

Without restarting AirParrot 3, attach the log file to your support ticket to send us the information you find in this area so we can take a closer look at what is happening.