The Installable Ditto Connect Application

Ditto Connect is an application that allows users to share their screens with Ditto receivers. There are two versions of Ditto Connect: an installable and a temporary version of Ditto Connect. This article is about the installable version. Click here to learn about the temporary version of Ditto Connect

The installable Ditto Connect application is a permanent download. End users do not have to visit upon each connection if they have this version of the Ditto Connect application on their device.

Available for: macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Why use the installed version of Ditto Connect?

The installable version of Ditto Connect makes it possible for IT administrators to deploy Ditto across large networks. This is ideal if administrators restrict applications and download access on organization-owned systems.

The installable version of Ditto Connect is permanently placed on a user’s system and allows them to enter a room code directly in the application.

Why is an application installed?

Not all operating systems and hardware combinations have components required to share a device screen from a browser or the operating system. The Ditto Connect executable provides these capabilities regardless of the user’s operating system or browsing environment.

A user who wishes to share their entire Windows desktop with an Apple TV has no native way to share their screen. This capability is not built into Windows, and no extensions or plugins allow this. Ditto bridges the gap.

How is the application deployed?

The installable version of Ditto Connect can be deployed with GPO or Apple Remote Desktop. The app is available for mobile devices in the Play Store and the App Store.

How is the application updated?

You can manually push updates with GPO or Apple Remote Desktop. Additionally, the application will automatically update itself on a user’s system when an update is available.

Ditto Connect doesn't always need to be installed!

The temporary version of Ditto Connect is available for macOS and Windows. It works great for guests or users who don't need to frequently share their screens.