How to add a Ditto room

A Ditto room is exactly what it sounds like. It's the space Ditto is used in — a conference room, classroom, store, lecture hall, huddle space, common area, shop, and more. Ditto rooms get linked to Ditto receivers in the Ditto Account Portal. 

To add a room:

Step 1

Log in to the Ditto Account Portal.

Step 2

Click the “Rooms” tab.

Step 3

Click “New Room” (or “Add Your First Room” if you haven’t added a room yet).

Step 4

  • Enter a room name. You can make this whatever you want. This is a way to identify the room in the Ditto Account Portal.
  • Designate a location (optional). Locations make it easy to organize rooms in the Ditto Account Portal. This will not affect your end-users.
  • Add this room to a Location (optional). Locations are like categories that help you filter in the account portal. This will not affect your end-users
  • Add a receiver to this room. This is how you make a room active. A receiver is simply the device in the room that Ditto connects to. Learn how to set up receivers.

You may create as many rooms as you want. You are not billed until you pair a room to a receiver to create an active room.

Step 5

Click “Save Room” to save the room to your Ditto account.

Add a receiver 

Next, learn how to add receivers in your Ditto Account Portal.

Learn how to set up receivers