Are Ditto end users required to install any software?

iOS and Android software

To screen mirror an iOS or Android device to a Ditto receiver, users will need to download the Ditto Connect app.

Learn more about using the Ditto Connect apps

Mac and Windows software

There are two ways to screen mirror Mac and Windows devices with Ditto. One option requires an installation while the other does not.
  1. Via the Ditto Connect webpage:
  2. Via the installable version of Ditto Connect

When Ditto screen mirroring is initiated via the website, users are presented with a temporary, non-installable application. 

This is best used when presenters are guests or when employees only need to occasionally share their computer screens.

The installable version of Ditto allows users to enter a room code directly inside the Ditto Connect application on their Mac or Windows device instead of entering the room code on the webpage. This is ideal for people who frequently use Ditto.

The download links for the Ditto Connect installable can be found on the Ditto download page

Installing audio drivers

Mac users who would like to include audio mirroring capabilities must install Ditto as it contains the necessary audio drivers. This step is not required for Windows users.


Ensure all operating systems are up to date to ensure optimal performance with Ditto!