What is Ditto?

Ditto is an all-in-one screen mirroring and digital signage for all your devices.

With Ditto, you can wirelessly present device screens and share digital content on your displays.

Screen Mirroring

Ditto software works with common hardware receivers such as Apple TV and Windows devices to bring screen mirroring and digital signage to any display. Share your screen by simply entering a code into the Ditto app on your device. 

Digital Signage

Manage, design, and upload digital signage content with just a few clicks. Admins schedule which items go where, and when. You can quickly edit designer-made templates or upload your own designs to create beautiful content in minutes. Even disseminate emergency notifications to all your displays with Ditto. 


The administration is simple, central, and remote. With zero-touch deployments and MDM support, Ditto is easy to use and manage. Deploy Ditto software to your entire organization and quickly configure Ditto with popular device management platforms.

Ditto offers one simple and consistent way to present device screens and display digital signage. No incompatible cables or broken adapters. No more blank screens or clunky hardware. Users connect with ease and admins manage content headache-free.

Ditto makes it easy to love your screens. Ready to get started? 

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