How to set up and verify a Ditto Account

If you are signing up for a Ditto account for the first time or you are invited to join a Ditto Organization by an Owner or Admin of a created Ditto account you will need to verify your account. You can follow the steps below to verify the account.

Step 1:

Signing up for a new Ditto account can be done by selecting TRY and filling in your account information on our Ditto webpage


Invited users will receive a "You've Been Invited To Join A Ditto Organization" email and select "Create Password" which will bypass Step 1.

Step 2:

Users will need to create a password for their Ditto account and select Create. 

Step 3: 

Users will need to verify the account through a verification email sent to their Ditto account email. 


If you do not receive your verification email, you can select Resend Verification Email to have the verification email resent to your email address. You will receive a confirmation message after selecting Resend Verification Email.

Step 4:

Select "Activate Account" in the verification email to be redirected to the login page for your Ditto account. 

Step 5:

Use your email address and password to log in to your Ditto account.