What security options are available?

Ditto connections are always secure. However, organizations can take advantage of additional security options.

Security for Ditto tvOS receiver and Ditto Windows Receiver

You may enable onscreen codes for the Ditto tvOS Receiver and Ditto Windows Receiver. Anyone who tries to connect to the receiver is required to enter an onscreen code before connecting. This security measure prevents anyone outside of the room or not within view of the receiver screen from establishing a connection with Ditto.

There are two types of onscreen codes:

Onscreen Code: A code is required each time a device connects to this receiver.

One-time onscreen code: A code is required the first time a device connects to this receiver.

To enable onscreen codes:

Step 1: Log in to your Ditto Account Portal.

Step 2: Click on the "Receivers" tab.

Step 3: Click the Ditto tvOS Receiver or Ditto Windows Receiver that you would like to edit.

Step 4: Click the "Settings" tab.

Step 5: Under "Security," select "Onscreen Code" or "One-Time Onscreen Code."

Step 6: Click "Save Receiver." 

Security for Apple TV 3, Apple TV 2, and Reflector-enabled devices

Apple TV 3, Apple TV 2, and Reflector-enabled devices can deploy an additional in-room security measure. 

In addition to the Ditto room code that must be entered to connect, these receiver types support standard AirPlay security options. When enabled, AirPlay security requires a passcode or onscreen code to be entered into the connecting device in order to establish a connection.

Using an onscreen code ensures that anyone connecting to the big screen must be in the room to see the code. The onscreen code is random, and it changes on every connection request. This security measure prevents anyone outside of the room from establishing a connection with Ditto. 

Enable Apple TV onscreen code

Step 1: From the Apple TV menu, go to Settings>AirPlay>Security

Step 2: From the AirPlay security menu, select Onscreen code

After a user enters a Ditto room code to connect to the Apple TV, they will be presented with the AirPlay onscreen code: 

The user will need to enter this code into Ditto on their device to establish a connection:

Enable Reflector onscreen code

Step 1: Open Reflector and click the gear wheel in the bottom right corner

Step 2: Click Preferences

Step 3: Click the Connection tab

Step 4: Change AirPlay Security to Onscreen Code;

Learn more about in-room security options with Ditto, including static AirPlay passwords and available Reflector connection preferences.


Chromecast does not offer additional in-room security options like onscreen codes or passwords.