What are the differences between User Roles in Ditto

User Roles are only available for Ditto Elite plans. Ditto Basic and Premium plans can be upgraded in the Billing section of your Ditto Account Portal. 

When adding additional users to a Ditto account, the account owner will need to specify the user's role. 

Ditto offers three user roles: 

Admin - allows the user to have full access to all sections of the Ditto account. 

User - allows the user access to all sections of the Ditto account, except the Billing section of the Ditto account. Additionally, users do not have the ability to add other users to the account. 

Signage Role - enables Ditto admins to distribute digital signage creation and management capabilities without compromising account settings or security. Individuals who are added to a digital signage role only have access to digital signage in the Ditto rooms assigned to the role. They cannot access or view other Ditto Account Portal settings. 

Note: Added users with the Role of User or Signage Role will not be able to input or edit payment information for the Ditto Account. The user role can only be changed by the account owner or another admin for the account.