Use multiple digital signage lists for one or more rooms

Ditto digital signage allows you to display content on the receiver screen when there is no mirroring connection to the receiver. Once you have created your digital signage lists, you will have the option to assign a single list or multiple lists to one or all of your Ditto rooms to display the signage items

When assigning more than one item list to a Ditto Room, the items from the first list will display in order for the assigned duration and scheduled time of each item. Below are steps on how to assign multiple lists to a single Ditto room. 


Assigning multiple lists to a Ditto room can allow you to display additional signage items without having to add items individually to single or multiple existing lists. Examples for adding an additional list to a room: School or company announcements, upcoming events, staff and/or student recognition, or specials.

Step 1: Select the new or existing list 

Step 2: Select the "Rooms" button and select the room(s) to assign the list then select "Save" 

Step 3 Select the "Rooms" button of the additional list to add to the Ditto room then select "Save" 

Success! You have assigned multiple lists to the same Ditto room. All items for each list will be displayed in order on the Ditto receiver(s) that are paired to the assigned Ditto room(s).