How to sync digital signage items across multiple Ditto receivers

When using Ditto's digital signage function to display items on multiple Ditto Receivers the items may not start out in sync. Ditto's digital signage works by downloading the items from your list directly to the device. Once the download of the items is completed, it will immediately display the signage items. If one of the receivers starts displaying items before another receiver, the item may get out of sync. To ensure the items are synced, schedule a start time for all the items on the list. 

Setting a start time for each item in the list will allow all the items to be downloaded to the receivers first and then started at the same time. 

Once the items start displaying on the receivers, navigate back to the item list and disable the scheduled time to ensure the items remain displayed on the receivers. 



  • There is a possibility that the items will not be perfectly synced. Several factors such as receiver location, receiver model, and network connectivity impact how quickly the signage items are downloaded to each receiver running signage.
  • Selecting Save List will start the process of downloading the items to the receivers again.