How to mass deploy Ditto tvOS Receiver using Mosyle

Mass Deployment options are only available for Ditto Premium and Elite plans. Ditto Basic plans can be upgraded in the Billing section of your Ditto Account Portal. 

This guide allows Ditto and Mosyle administrators to deploy the Ditto tvOS receiver across multiple supervised Apple TVs simultaneously. It is broken into 3 general sections:

The instructions below assume/require:

  • Your Mosyle account has been linked with Apple Business Manager VPP.
  • The devices have been enrolled in Mosyle. 

Setting up a New Profile

Step 1 - Open the "Management" tab 

Step 2 - Select "tvOS" in the dropdown in the upper left corner of the menu page

Step 3 - Click "Install App" 

Step 4 - Click "Add New Profile" 

Step 5 - Name the profile 

Step 6 - Select the VPP installation source 

Step 7 - Click "+Add Application"

Step 8 - Select "Ditto Receiver" then click the checkmark to apply 

Step 9 - Click "Show Advanced Options" and ensure "Install All Apps after Saving the Profile" is enabled

Step 10 - Click "+Add Assignment" and add your devices 

Step 11 - Click "Save"


Enabling App Lock

Step 1 - Click "Add New Profile Type"

Step 2 - Select "App Lock" and click "Activate"

Deploying the Profile

Step 1 - Click "App Lock" on the left side menu 

Step 2 - Click "Add New Profile" and name the profile 

Step 3 - Click "Choose Application"

Step 4 - Select the VPP source in the upper right dropdown 

Step 5 - Select "Ditto Receiver" then select the checkmark in the upper right corner 

Step 6 - Enable or disable any desired options 

Step 7 - Choose "Fulltime 24/7" or add scheduled times to lock in the application

Step 8 - Click "+Add Assignment" and assign your devices

Step 9 - Click "Save"