How to add a QR code to your Ditto room code screen

It's possible to add a QR code to your Ditto room code screen. QR codes can be used to direct the people in your spaces to a resource or webpage of your choosing. This is done in the Customization section of your Ditto Account Portal. 


  • This method will replace your company logo on the Ditto room code screen with a QR code. 
  • You will need a QR code asset to upload to Ditto before beginning

Step 1: Log in to the Ditto Account Portal

Step 2: Expand the My Organization section and select Customization

Step 3: Open the Ditto Receiver tab 

Step 4: Select "Browse files" in the Logo section and select your QR code file for upload

Step 5: Once the QR code shows in the preview menu, select Save Customization 

Congrats! You will now see the QR code on your Ditto room code screens!