How to Connect Ditto with a Chromebook

Chrome OS users will no longer use the Ditto Connect application for mirroring connections. Our new web-based sender will be used instead. 

Step 1 - Open Chrome OS Web browser

Step 2 - Enter 

Step 3 - Enter the room code for the room you want to connect to. Click Connect. 



We recommend any custom Room Code be at least 6 characters long. More information about Room Codes can be obtained here.


Step 4 - Click the Start Mirroring button, select the window you wish to mirror, then click Share.

 Step 5 - Choose what you wish to mirror then select Share

Step 6 - Mirror

Your screen will appear on the receiver.

Step 7 - Stop mirroring

Tap the red Sharing Screen button and select Stop Broadcast. Your screen will stop mirroring content to the receiver.