How to Mirror from iPhone or iPad


Step 1 - Visit

Visit and enter the room code shown in the room.

You will be prompted to download Ditto Connect on your iPad or iPhone.

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Step 2 - Launch Ditto Connect

Locate and open Ditto Connect on your device.


Ditto may ask for permission to access certain features of your iPad or iPhone. If you're prompted, you must approve Ditto. Otherwise, screen sharing may not be possible.

Step 3 - Enter Room Code

Enter the room code for the room you want to connect with in Ditto Connect. Tap the Connect button.


Step 4 - Connect

Tap the "Share Screen" button and select "Ditto Sender" in the list.

Step 5 - Mirror

A countdown will begin, and your screen will appear on the receiver.  It may take a moment for your screen to appear.

Mirror Multiple Devices to a Receiver

It is possible to share multiple devices to the same display at the same time. Simply connect another device and the receiver will display both devices in a new layout.

Step 6 - Stop mirroring

Tap the red "Sharing Screen" button and select "Stop Broadcast." Your screen will stop mirroring content to the receiver.