Using Ditto Connect for Web

Ditto Connect for Web is an option to mirror a Chrome browser window to a Ditto Receiver running the Ditto Receiver application for tvOS and Windows OS. Ditto Connect for Web can be used to mirror a Chromebook device or a Chrome web browser on a Mac or Windows PC.  

Chrome OS users screen mirror via Ditto Connect for Web by going to and entering the room code of the receiver to mirror the Chromebook's desktop. 

Users that enter in a Chrome web browser are given three options to connect to Ditto receivers:  

  • Option 1: Install - Install the Ditto Connect application to begin sharing 
  • Option 2: Download - download and run a temporary version of the Ditto Connect application 
  • Option 3: Continue - share your screen with this browser 

Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 1.42.11 PM

Network Requirements for Ditto Connect for Web: 

In addition to the network requirements for using Ditto Connect, Ditto Connect for Web will need an additional URL whitelisted to ensure proper connections from the Chromebook or Chrome web browser on a Mac or Windows PC. and all variations of that domain will need to be whitelisted on the network as the web version of Ditto Connect can use several versions of this domain to make the connections to the receiver. If or any of its subdomains are blocked, then connection issues may occur with Ditto Connect for Web but not with the installable version of Ditto Connect.