How to use Google Slides presentations as digital signage in Ditto

Publish Google Slides presentations directly to Ditto to use as digital signage

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The Google Slides integration for Ditto enables you to share new or existing presentations directly from your Google Slides account. 

The Google Slides integration feature is only available in Elite plans for Ditto 

Step 1: Log in to your Google Slides account.

Step 2: Select the desired Google Slides presentation you wish to share as digital signage.

Step 3: Select "File" in the Google Slides menu. Then select "Share." Then select "Publish to web."

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Step 4: Select "Publish"

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Step 5: Select "OK" in the confirmation popup message.

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Step 6: Copy the URL that is generated. This URL will be used in the Ditto Account Portal

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  • Changing the "Auto-advance slides" duration in Google Slides BEFORE publishing will update the slide duration in your Ditto Account Portal. 
  • Changing the slide duration in Google Slides AFTER publishing and generating the URL will not automatically update the slide duration in your Ditto Account Portal. The duration will need to be modified in the Ditto Account Portal. 
    • An alternative option is to unpublish the presentation, adjust the "Auto-advance slides" duration, then publish the presentation again and update the URL in the Ditto Account Portal to update the slide duration. 

Step 7: Log in to the Ditto Account Portal and navigate to the Signage section.

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Step 8: Select New List

Step 9: Add a list name. Select Google Slides in the Signage List Type section. Assign the new signage list to the desired Ditto Room(s). Then select Create. 

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Step 10: Click on the newly created signage list to open the Overview menu.

Step 11: Enter the Google Slides URL that was copied in Step 6 into the URL field. Select Save Signage. 

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 11.52.33 AM


  • Generating the items from the Google Slides presentation is a 2-step process:
    • Each slide of the presentation is generated into a separate signage item
    • Each signage item gets queued for the system to create a screenshot of the slide and create the assets for the list 
  • Example of the presentation slides queued for asset creation:
Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 1.14.52 PM

  • Example of presentation slides being created into signage assets

Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 1.17.37 PM

Step 12: Select the Signage Items tab to view the items in the list. 

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 12.25.34 PM

Congrats! You have successfully uploaded your Google Slides presentation to Ditto. Your items will now display on your Ditto receivers as digital signage items.


  • The signage item order cannot be changed in Ditto. Reordering of slides and slide edits must be done in Google Slides. 
  • Animations and transitions for presentation slides are not supported and will not display on your digital signage. Slides will show as blank in those scenarios.
  • Schedule and duration are the only options that can be edited in the Ditto Account Portal for Google Slides signage items. All other Ditto list management options (show/hide, delete, etc.) in the Ditto Account Portal are not available for Google Slides. These changes/actions should be made in Google Slides, which will be updated in the Ditto Account Portal.