User keyboard shortcuts with Reflector

When your device is connected to Reflector 4 you can use the "hotkey" functions below for recording and entering full-screen mode. 


For Mac: Command+R

For Windows: Alt+R

Voiceover while Recording On/Off:

For Mac: Command+Shift+V

For Windows: Alt+Shift+V

Fullscreen On/Off:

For Mac: Command+F

For Windows: Alt+F

Frame On/Off:

For Mac: Command+B

For Windows: Alt+B

Cycle Window Sizes:

For Mac: Command+1, 2, or 3

For Windows: Alt+1, 2, or 3

Forced Orientation:

For Mac: Command+Arrow Keys

For Windows: Alt+Arrow Keys


For Mac: Command+W

For Windows: Alt+W

Close Reflector:

For Mac: Command+Q

For Windows: Alt+F4