Using Reflector Director

Reflector Director is a companion app to Reflector 4 that runs on your iPad or iPhone. 

Reflector Director REQUIRES Reflector 4 running on a Mac or a PC.

Step 1

To get started, install Reflector on your Mac and PC and then install Reflector Director on your iOS device.

Step 2

Ensure your computer and iOS device are on the same network and open Reflector 4 on your Mac or PC. Next, open Reflector Director on your iOS device and tap the + button in the upper-right corner. Reflector Director will discover your computer running Reflector 4. Don't see your device?

Step 3 

Tap on your computer and enter the 4-digit pairing code that appears on your iOS device into the boxes that appear on your Mac or PC.

Your iOS device is now paired to your Mac or PC and will automatically reconnect anytime you open Reflector Director and Reflector 4 is running on your computer. No need to re-pair!

From here, you can begin AirPlay mirroring and Casting devices to your Mac or PC and they will appear in Reflector Director. You can view what's being mirrored, control the appearance, show and hide the content and even approve a connection before it appears on your screen.

Now just sit back and enjoy your own personal remote control for Reflector 4 in your classroom, meeting room, or living room!