Mirror iPad with iOS 15 to Reflector for Windows OS

The video and steps listed here show you how to screen mirror to the computer app Reflector. Jump to step 4 to learn how to mirror your iPad to other devices that accept AirPlay connections, such as Apple TV. The process is the same, just make sure your iPad and the AirPlay device you are connecting to are on the same wifi network.

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How to Screen Mirror an iPadOS 15 iPad to a Windows Computer

Step 1

Download and install Reflector on your Windows PC.

Step 2

Connect your computer and iPad to the same wifi network.

Step 3

Open Reflector on your computer. 

Step 4

Open Control Center on your iPad by swiping down from the top right corner.

Step 5

Tap the Screen Mirroring button — it’s the icon with two overlapping rectangles.

Step 6

Scroll through the list of AirPlay destinations and select where you want to mirror your screen. If you’re using Reflector, this will be the name of your computer.

Your iPadOS 15 iPad will now be screen mirroring to your computer.