Can you connect a device to Reflector 4 through a direct USB connection?

Reflector 4 is designed to use a wireless network. While it may be possible to use Reflector via Bluetooth or lightning connector, results may vary. We recommend using wireless N to connect your iOS device and your computer. 

Warning: Listed below are instructions on how to use Reflector via Bluetooth or with a USB cable. We do not recommend or support this method, however. Also, keep in mind that turning on the personal Wi-Fi hotspot may cause additional charges from your cell phone provider.

USB connections from Android devices are not supported by Android OS. These instructions will only apply to iOS devices. 

  • Close Reflector 4 completely
  • Now plug in the mini USB cord to the iOS device only.
  • Open Settings on the iOS device and turn on the Personal Hotspot option. You will be prompted to turn on wifi and Bluetooth, however, just leave them off for now.

Reflector for Windows: Now plug the USB cord into your computer. Windows will recognize that the iOS device is providing a network to connect to. You will get a pop-up to choose the type of network. Choose Private, and you should be all set.

Reflector for Mac: Now start Reflector and you will be able to mirror through the USB connection. Reflector needs to be started last because only its startup broadcast will get through on this type of network.