When installing and using AirParrot for Chrome OS for the first time, you will be prompted to grant access to certain items.

We require access to certain information so we can manage license information and present specific user information when mirroring your screen. 

We access information for two reasons:

  • To display user information when mirroring
    • Email address
    • Google + profile information
    • Basic profile information
  • To manage licensing¬†
    • Chrome Web Store
    • Email Address
    • Basic profile information

Your information is not shared with anyone and is used only for the purposes above. Squirrels doesn't store or save this information anywhere. All information is stored within the application itself or with Google. Nothing is saved outside of these two locations.

When downloading the AirParrot for Chrome OS application for the first time, the Chrome Web Store will also notify you of required permissions. AirParrot requires the following access to mirror your screen to a receiver:

  • Capture content of your screen
  • Use your microphone and camera
  • Exchange data with any computer on the local network or internet
AirParrot will only share this data with the receiving device. It is not stored anywhere or shared with anyone.