What does Reflector Director do?

Reflector Director is a companion application for Reflector Teacher. Pairing the two apps together allows you to remotely manage devices connected to Reflector Teacher. You can easily show and hide devices, emphasize screens, enable full-screen mode or change device frames all while away from your computer. You may also step away from Reflector Teacher, and allow mirrored content to be the focus. The changes you make with Reflector Director appear instantly on your computer.

Reflector Director REQUIRES Reflector Teacher running on a Mac or a PC.

Device Frames

Select new device frames to display, or chose to hide frames altogether. Displaying a frame around devices adds a polished and professional feel.

Emphasize Devices

Highlight one device to spotlight important content or action. Reflector Director easily brings screens to center stage for emphasis. Eliminate distractions by enabling full-screen mode.

Preview Screens

Reflector Director shows screen previews of any connected devices, even if the screen is hidden. Know what’s going to be shown before you share it with an audience.

Keep Students Focused

Add Reflector Director to any classroom and create a distraction-free environment. Spend more time concentrating on students and less time in front of a computer screen.

Secure Pairing

Pairing Reflector Director to Reflector Teacher is easy and secure. The apps are paired directly together with no in-between connections.

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