Reflector Director allows you to use many of the Reflector options from your mobile device. This can help you to control the flow of a presentation without the need to interact with your computer every time you wish to change a device or change one of the display settings for a device. Below is a list of the most commonly used options in Reflector Director and a key showing where these options can be seen for the iPhone and iPad versions of the app. 

1. Show / hide device icon. When this icon is grey, the device is hidden. When it is blue, the device is visible.

2. Emphasize icon. Bring focus to a particular device by making it larger than the other devices that are connected.

3. Name of computer you are connected to.

4. Full screen icon. Take the devices full screen.

5. Device settings.

6. Frame selection icon. Change, hide or show device frames.

7. Show / hide the Quick Connect code on your computer screen.