How do I uninstall AirParrot 2 from my Mac?

In order to remove AirParrot 2 from your Mac, you will first want to remove the drivers. To do this, Click on the gear icon in your AirParrot 2 menu. 

Select Preferences from this menu. 

The Preferences window will open. From here, click on the General tab. 

Click on both of the buttons to Uninstall your Audio and Video drivers. 

Once you have clicked both of these buttons, close Preferences and Quit AirParrot 2. Open a Finder window on your Mac and navigate to your Applications folder. Drag the AirParrot 2 icon from the Applications folder to your Trash, and AirParrot 2 will be removed from your Mac. 

If your trial is already expired, this can be done manually. To do this, press Shift+Command+G to bring up the Go-To-Folder option. In that search bar, type in /System/Library/Extensions and remove the "APExtFramebuffer.kext" and “AirParrotDriver.kext”. Move those files to the trash. 

Once you do that, press the Shift+Command+G again and this time type in /Library/Extensions (they are different locations on a Mac). Again, remove the "APExtFramebuffer.kext" and “AirParrotDriver.kext” file by moving them to the trash. 

Now drag AirParrot 2 from your Applications folder to the trash. Give your Mac a restart and you will be all set!

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