Can I use Quick Connect to mirror to a Chromecast?

Yes! The Quick Connect feature in AirParrot now includes modifiers that can be used with the IP address of your device to specify certain connection types. Simply place the # symbol in front of the IP address of your Chromecast to make this connection. More details on the use of modifiers with Quick Connect can be found below:

! = AirPlay Version 1

@ = AirPlay Version 2

# = Cast

! = AirPlay Version 1. This is used to connect to Apple TV generations 2 and 3.


@ = AirPlay version 2. This is used to connect to Apple TV generation 4, and also to Reflector 2.


# = Cast. This is used to connect directly through IP address to Chromecast sticks or Chromecast enabled TV's and Set Top Boxes. This will may also be used to connect to Reflector’s Cast. 


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