Pre-Deployment Testing

ClassHub Pre-deployment Testing 

Once your first Clever data import and initial ClassHub setup are complete, you can test ClassHub from different user perspectivesThis will ensure you understand how ClassHub works for each user and that everything is configured properly from end-to-end, prior to classroom use.  

Manually Enroll Student Device(s) 

Prior to deploying ClassHub to all student devices, you will need to manually enroll and install the ClassHub Student Companion app on the devices you plan to test. Instructions for individual device enrollment and app installation can be found in the guides below. Warning: Once the ClassHub Student Companion app is pushed to student devices, ClassHub will be live for those users and will prompt them to sign in. This step should not be completed until after IT testing and teacher training is completed. 

Refer to the enrollment guide for the specific OS you're enrolling.

Create a test class 

There are two ways to create a test class. Option one is preferred.  

Option One (preferred method) 

  1. Create a test class and assign yourself as a teacher and student in your SIS. We recommend at least two test students.  

  1. Once ClassHub syncs with Cleverthe test class will appear in ClassHub and testing can begin.  

  1. Launch ClassHub Teacher and sign in to ClassHub with the Clever teacher you assigned in your SIS.  

  1. On an enrolled student device, sign in as a student through the ClassHub Student Companion appWe recommend testing this step on at least two separate devices.  

Option Two (See IT Admin User Guide) 

If you are unable to create a test class in your SIS, you can assign your Clever District or School Admin users as teachers and students in ClassHub. This can be done through the IT admin portal.  

  1. Go to and log in with your Clever District Admin account 

  1. Select Classes” in the sidebar 

  1. Select “Add Class” 

  1. Enter a class name for the test class and select “Create” 

  1. Click the plus symbol next to teachers and students to add test admin users 

  1. Search for the admin user in the search box by name or email address and click “Add” 

  1. Select “Save”  

  1. Open ClassHub Teacher and log in as the teacher added to the test class 

  1. On an enrolled student device, sign in as a student through the ClassHub Student Companion app. We recommend testing on at least two separate devices.  

Note: If the Admin user is a Clever user, they should log in to ClassHub through Clever. If they are not, they should log in to ClassHub with a ClassHub account. 

Test ClassHub 

Testing ClassHub (see ClassHub Teacher Guide) 

Prior to deployment, you should test ClassHub from each type of device your teachers and students will be using. We recommend you test the following: 

  1. Log in to ClassHub on a teacher device  

  1. Log in to ClassHub on a student device through the ClassHub Student Companion app 

  1. Start the test class.  Select the Start Class button in the Classroom Actions bar. 

  1. In the Classroom Manager, check that the test-student desk is online.  

    The status indicator next to the student will turn from red to green indicating that student is present in class.  

  1. Verify on the student device that it appears in the correct class.  

    Open the ClassHub Companion app and confirm the correct student is listed in the correct class with the correct teacher. 

  1. Test Screen Peek.  

    Screen peek is automatically turned on once class is started. The student screen should appear above the student’s name in the Class Manager on the teacher device. You can verify screen peek is on by checking that the screen peek icon in the top left corner of the screen is green.  

  1. Test Screen Mirroring.  

    In the Classroom Manager on the teacher device, select a student desk and then choose Start Mirroring. If successful, a “Prompt to Approve” dialog box will appear on the teacher device. Approve the mirroring request and the student screen will be displayed on the teacher device.  

  1. Test Device Lock.  

    In the Classroom Manager on the teacher device, choose Device Lock from the Classroom Actions bar. If successful, a padlock will appear on the student device. 
  1. Test Send Webpage 

    In the Classroom Manager on the teacher device, choose Send Webpage and enter a URL. If successful, the webpage will open on the student devices in a new tab or window 
  1. Test Send Message.  

    In the Classroom Manager on the teacher device, choose Send Message and enter a message. If successful, the message will appear on the student devices 
  1. Test Teacher Screen Push.  

    In the Classroom Manager on the teacher device, choose Screen Push. If successful, the teacher’s computer screen will appear on the student device in the Student Viewer 
  1. Stop Class. 

    Ensure that student devices display “No Active Class”. 

If you encounter issues during testing, please check to make sure all devices being tested are on the same network and your firewall allows AirPlay. Please contact our support team at if you need further assistance.  


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