How do I create device groups?

Device Groups allow you to assign devices to a group based on how they are used in the classroom. One-to-one devices are associated with a single student and shared devices are shared between multiple students. By default, devices are assigned to a one-to-one group when they are enrolled. In one-to-one environments, users are pinned to devices, however when devices are shared, users are logged out of ClassHub at the end of a session so the next user is able to log in.

Depending on the type of student devices used, schools and classes that utilize shared devices may need to set up shared device groups. Note: Devices must be added to the shared device group before the first user logs in. If devices are not added to the shared device group, the first user to log in will be pinned to the device and will need to be cleared from the device.

  • Chrome: Does not require shared groups even if devices are shared. No device groups are needed.
  • Windows: Shared Window devices must be put in shared groups. 
  • iOS: Shared iOS devices must be put into shared groups.
  • macOS: Shared macOS devices must be put into shared groups.

Add Device Group: Click on “Add Device Group,” enter the device group name. For "Type", select "Shared" and then click “Save.”

Edit Device Group: Click on the device group, edit the name or devices associated with the group and click “Save.” You are also able to add or delete specific devices from a group here.

Delete Device Group: Click on the device group and click “Delete.” A dialogue box will appear confirming you wish to take this action.

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