Can I submit recordings directly to the iTunes store?


In addition to recording multiple screens at one time, Reflector 3 can record a single screen for direct submission to the Apple iTunes store.

To enable this recording mode, access the Reflector 3 settings > Preferences

Browse to the "Recording" tab. Set the "Recording Mode" option to "Best for App Store" — The recording options will change.

We recommend keeping the "Recording Resolution" setting set to "Automatic." However if you'd like to record a specific resolution, this setting will allow you to change the recorded size. 

Apple uses the following device resolutions:

  • iPhone 4S - 640x960
  • iPhone 5 / 5S - 640x1136
  • iPhone 6 - 750x1134
  • iPad - 1200x900
  • iPhone 6 Plus - 1080x1920

If you select a resolution that Reflector 3 is not set to receive, you will receive a warning prompting you to set the AirPlay receiving resolution to the same as the recording resolution. Clicking the "Fix Issue" button will automatically correct the settings issue.

The "Recording Quality" setting will impact the final quality and file size. 

  • Very Low - Pixelation with very low file size
  • Very High - Crystal clear and sharp with very large file size

The iTunes store requires videos to be recorded at 29.97 FPS. This setting is not adjustable when recording videos for submission to the iTunes store.

Keep in mind, submissions must be shorter than 30 seconds. Any recordings longer than this will be rejected. Frames are also automatically removed when recording in this mode.

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