How do I use Live Streaming in Reflector 3?

Once you have set up Reflector 3 and your YouTube account to use Live Streaming, you are ready to broadcast! For more details on preparing to use Live Streaming, click here.

To begin live streaming, connect any devices that you will be streaming from, click the dropdown arrow next to the "Record All" button on the Broadcast button in your Reflector menu and select "Broadcast All". 

If this is the first time you have used Reflector 3 to live stream, you will be prompted to log in to your YouTube account and give Reflector permission to use the account. Once this is done, your video will be prepared to be sent to YouTube:

Once the stream is ready to begin, you can click on the Go Live button to begin the broadcast. There will be a delay between what you see on your computer screen and the video being displayed on Youtube.

Your video will begin to play on Youtube from the point which you clicked the Broadcast button. You can end the stream at any time by using the End Live Stream button. The links above to View the live stream or Go to Control Room will take you to the live video on YouTube, or to your YouTube accounts Live Streaming Control Panel.

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