Recording issues such as freezing or hanging when finalizing the recordings generally can be fixed by adjusting some settings within the Reflector 3 preferences menu.

  • First, open the Reflector 3 menu and click on the gear icon which will open a dropdown menu that contains the preferences menu. 
  • Open the preferences menu and go to the Connection section. 
  • Change the AirPlay Resolution setting to match the iOS device you are mirroring to Reflector 3. 

***Note Android users can use either the 1080p or 720p settings to achieve similar results as iOS devices***

  • Next, proceed to the Recording section and change the Recording Mode setting to Best for App Store or Best for Single Device. 

The combination of these settings will give you the optimal settings for connecting and mirroring the device for performing recordings. If you are still having an issue after changing these settings in Reflector 3 then please contact our Support Team for additional assistance.