How do I use Quick Connect to mirror?

Quick Connect is an easy way to connect supported devices when network conditions might limit access. To use Quick Connect, both devices must be on the same network.

Connecting mobile devices via Quick Connect is not currently possible. Quick Connect is available in all current versions of Reflector, Reflector Teacher and AirParrot 2.

To connect a computer running AirParrot to Reflector Teacher, you'll first need to identify the Quick Connect Code of Reflector Teacher.

To do this, open the Reflector Teacher menu.

The Quick Connect Code is shown at the top of this menu under the computer name. Clicking the Quick Connect Code will prompt you with a window containing the code.

In AirParrot 2, enter this Quick Connect Code in the Quick Connect area at the top of the "To" list. 

Pressing connect will begin mirroring to Reflector Teacher.

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