Ditto Roadmap

Ditto Product Roadmap

Major product updates have already transformed Ditto in 2020. Ditto took a massive leap forward with the addition of digital signage and multi-display screen mirroring. It is truly a first-of-its-kind technology. Ditto makes it easier than ever to share content and display signage on all of your screens.

Ditto is already one of the most highly compatible, cost effective and easy-to-use wireless collaboration solutions on the market. There's more to come. Here are the updates in the pipeline.

2020 Planned Updates

Updated Ditto Connect for macOS/Windows UI

Estimated: Q2 2020

Additional digital signage templates and add-on features

Estimated: Q2 2020  

Enhanced Ditto user roles

Limit Account Portal access to specific Ditto Rooms and Locations. This allows the Ditto Account Admin to give others the ability to manage and edit certain Rooms and Locations without having access to the rest of the Ditto Account Portal.

Estimated: Q2 2020

Updated Account Portal with additional authentication options

Password strength, two-factor authentication, third-party SSO and more.

Estimated: Q3 2020

Ditto touchback support

Touchback support allows users to interact with shared screens simply by touching the main display. Users will not have to be near the shared device to perform functions like changing slides, opening apps, scrolling, visiting webpages, etc. It can all be done from the front of the room directly on the touchscreen display.

Estimated: Q3 2020  

Recent Updates

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