Complete Getting Started Guide

This is an overview of the first steps you will take when implementing ClassHub into your environment. Please contact us for more assistance getting started with ClassHub.

Phase 1: Data Linking
  • Technical call and web-based meeting with ClassHub Administrator and ClassHub Implementation Specialist (Squirrels) to set up data link sync.
What to have ready check list: 
  • ClassHub Administrator's Clever account information           
  • Windows or Mac computer connected to the internet List of only the schools that will be using ClassHub
Estimated Time Needed:
  • 10 - 15 minutes.
Phase 2: ClassHub Settings Portal
  • Conducted after Squirrels verifies Clever successfully synced Technical call and web-based training for the ClassHub Administrator(s) with ClassHub Implementation Specialist (Squirrels). An overview of the ClassHub Settings Portal for the ClassHub Administrator's perspective will be provided.
What to have ready check list:
  • ClassHub Administrator's Clever account information.
  • Computer (Windows or Mac) or Chromebook connected to the internet.
  • Use the URL in the ClassHub Initial Setup Guide & Settings Portal Overview Guide to access the ClassHub Settings Portal.
  • Sign in with your District Admin Clever account.
  • Follow the steps listed in the guide to complete your ClassHub Settings Portal sign in process.
  • Network ports opened as required in the ClassHub Hardware Software Requirements guide.
Estimated time needed:
  • 30 - 40 minutes.
Phase 3: Test ClassHub Teacher and Student Devices
  • Educational call and web-based overview of ClassHub Teacher & Student with ClassHub Implementation Specialist (Squirrels) for ClassHub Administrator(s) and ClassHub Educator(s).
What to have ready check list:
  • Teacher device with ClassHub Teacher installed and connected to the teacher network(s).
  • Install ClassHub Teacher using the links provided
  • Student device, enrolled in ClassHub and connected to the student network.
  • Enroll the device in ClassHub using the device specific link within the CLassHub Pre-Deployment Testing Guide
  • Create a test class as outlined in the ClassHub Pre-Deployment Testing Guide.
  • Clever account(s) for ClassHub Administrator and/or ClassHub Educator.
Estimated time needed:
  • 30- 40 minutes. 
Phase 4: IT Lab Testing
  • Use educational materials supplied by Squirrels.
  • ClassHub Administrator, ClassHub Educator and a tech savvy teacher willing to test in a class. This time should be set aside to thoroughly test what the installation and education process will be for rolling out ClassHub to the district/schools.
What to have ready check list:
  • A test lab should be set up with 1 (or more) teacher device(s) and several enrolled student devices.
  • Should be done at each school location to verify the network and devices work as expected.
  • Any issues discovered in this process should be immediately reported back to your Squirrels Implementation Specialist.
Estimated time needed:
  • Varies based on district/school size and location(s). 
Phase 5: Teacher Education
  • Link to ClassHub Teachers Guide from Squirrels.
  • Documentation: ClassHub Teachers Guide, ClassHub Training Implementation Plan and web-based materials.
  • ClassHub Certificate upon course completion.
  • NOTE: Onsite and/or web-based training provided per your sales contract.
  • ClassHub Educator and teachers.
What to have ready check list:
  • Share the interactive online education with the teachers.
  • See training implementation plan for training day requirements and setup.
Estimated time needed:
  • Varies based on type of training. On average, 90 minutes per teacher on self-guided online education. 
Phase 6: Go LIVE Rollout of ClassHub
  • Squirrels support (remote, phone, email)
  • ClassHub Administrator, ClassHub Educator, teachers, students, and support staff.
What to have ready check list:
  • Teachers and students should have their Clever user id's and passwords.
  • Teachers completed training.
  • Use the documentation provided by Squirrels in Phase 3 to push ClassHub to teacher and student devices.
Estimated time needed:
  • Varies based on delivery method. 

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