ClassHub DEP and MDM Enrollment (iOS & macOS)

ClassHub allows you to batch enroll your eligible iOS or Mac devices automatically via Apple School Manager. If you are already set up with an Apple School Manager account, you can begin linking it with ClassHub by following the steps below. If you do not have an Apple School Manager account, you can sign up at For help and answers relating to the Apple School Manager MDM deployment, visit Apple School Manager Help. 

Navigating to DEP 

  1. Log in to the ClassHub Settings Portal: Visit , click “Log in with Clever” and then “District Admin Login” in the bottom right corner. Log in to ClassHub with your district admin account.  

  1. Add ClassHub Server: Click “Devices” then “DEP” in the sidebar on the left. Click “Add” in the top right corner to add ClassHub as a new DEP instance.  

ClassHub Settings Portal  

Adding a New MDM Instance 

  1. Register MDM Server with Apple: Visit, select "MDM Servers" from the menu and then select the "Add New MDMoption. Provide an MDM Server name such as “ClassHub MDM.” If you want all of your future iOS and Mac devices to enroll in ClassHub, check the "Set as Default" box.  

Apple School Manager  

  1. Generate ClassHub Public Key: Apple will request that you upload a Public Key. Return to the ClassHub enroll page and click the "Generate Public Key" button at the bottom of step 2. publicKey.pem file will automatically download to your computer.  

ClassHub Settings Portal  

Return to the Apple School Manager, browse to the downloaded file on your computer and then select "Save" in the bottom right cornerAfter saving, Apple will download a Server Token "<servername>_Token.p7m" file to your computer.  


 Apple School Manager  

Note: Server tokens expire after one year and must be replaced. The status of your token can be found in the top right corner of the MDM profile in the ClassHub Settings PortalClick “Update Tokens” to generate a new public key for transferring the updated token. 

  ClassHub Settings Portal  

  1. Assign Devices to ClassHub MDM Server: Next, choose the "Device Assignments" section in the Apple School Manager. Specify the serial number(s), order number(s) or provide a CSV file of the devices you wish to enroll in ClassHub and select the server you created in Step 1Note: Beginning with iOS 11, you can add devices not previously part of DEP via Apple Configurator 2.5 or later. 

          Apple School Manager  

  1. Complete ClassHub Registration: Return to the DEP page in the ClassHub Settings Portal, select the "Choose File" button in step four and browse to the "<servername>_Token.p7m" file on your computer. Select the "Register" button at the bottom of the page to complete the linking process. 

ClassHub Settings Portal  

ClassHub Device Configurations & Targets (iOS & macOS) 


The devices tab allows you to manage devices enrolled in your district or school. Clicking on an iOS or macOS device provides you with device information as well as the ability to: 

  • Search for software updates 

  • Restart the device 

  • Shut down the device 

  • Erase the device 

  • Enable lost mode 

  • Play sound on the device 


Configurations allow you to create profiles that define settings and restrictions for your devices. To ensure configurations are applied correctly, users should be familiar with Apple configurations before defining settingsFor more information about device configurations and profiles, visit:  

Add Configuration 

Click on “Add Configuration” and enter a name for the profile. Click on each payload to the left to configure settings for the profile. Once you have finished, click “Save Configuration” in the top right corner of the screen. For a description of payload settings, visit: Note: Certain settings are limited to iOS and supervised devices only. This is indicated in the payload description prior to configuration.  

Delete Configuration 

Click on the configuration profile you wish to delete and click “Delete Configuration” at the bottom of the General settings tab. 


Targets allow you to choose configurations to apply to devices/device groups and determine when they should be active. 

Add New Target 

To add a new device target, click the “+” button next to the Type heading. Complete the Target Settings fields and click “Save” 

Target Settings 

  • Name: The display name for the Configuration Target. 

  • Type: The type of device group to target for this Configuration Target. 

  • Devices: Individual devices to be added to the Configuration Target. 

  • Device Group: A group of devices to be added to the Configuration Target. Device groups can be created in the Device Groups section of the ClassHub Settings Portal. For more information on Device Groups, please see the Devices section of the ClassHub Settings Portal Overview. 

  • Classroom: Configuration applied to devices in a classroom while the classroom is active. 

  • School: Configuration applied to devices in a school while the school is open, as defined in the Schools section of the ClassHub Settings Portal.  

  • Configurations: The configuration profile(s) to be included with the Configuration Target. 

  • Applicability: The criteria for when the Configuration Target should be active. Classroom and School will always be active when the selected school or classroom is active. 

  • Always active: Configuration Target is applied to the device at all times. 

  • During specific hours/days: Define specific hours/days for the Configuration Target to be active. These hours/days can exist outside of the hours/days defined in the “Schools” section of the ClassHub Settings Portal. 

  • While class is active: Configuration Target is applied once class has been started in the Class Manager. It becomes inactive once class has been stopped. 

  • While school is open: Configuration Target is applied during the school hours defined in the “Schools” section of the ClassHub Settings Portal. 

Modifying Targets 

To edit a Target, click on the name of the Target you wish to edit in the Targets tab. To delete a Target, click the trashcan icon next to the Target.  

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