ClassHub Deployment for Windows and GPO

How to deploy ClassHub to student devices across a domain using Group Policy. 

Squirrels Registry File Creation Tool 

This tool is only available to IT and network administrators who wish to deploy across a large network. 

To obtain this tool, please contact your ClassHub technical representative at or 1-888-234-0949. 


These actions should be performed on the server that manages user and computer access.  

Create the registry file 

The registry file creation tool easily creates a deployable registry key. Launch this program to begin creating a registry file. 

Select the program you’re deploying and select the appropriate registry directory.  

The registry directory field determines the type of deployment. Selecting “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” will create a registry key that deploys to users only. Selecting “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” creates a registry file that can be deployed to computers for every user.  

Enter the enrollment code provided during the sales process. If you have misplaced or not received this code, please contact your technical representative at or 1-888-234-0949. 

Other configuration options are also available. Some options do not apply to ClassHub. Applicable settings appear will allow you to choose an option. 

Click the “Export .Reg File” button to save the registry file. Save the file somewhere easily accessible such as the Desktop or a flash drive 

Install the registry file 

Double click the registry file and accept the prompt to modify your registry. This adds the newly created key to your registry.  

To double check that the key was successfully added, launch regedit from Start Menu > Run and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Squirrels\ClassHub\ 

You should see an entry named “EnrollmentCode”.  

Create a new group policy object 

Next, create a new group policy object to push this custom registry to computers on the domain. To do this, open the Group Policy Management Editor from the Server Manager. 

Create a new GPO (Group Policy Object) for the ClassHub.  

Notice the GPO created called ClassHub under the “” domain.  

Edit the GPO 

Right click on the GPO and select Edit. You will see the Editor window open. You can expand either the “Computer Configuration” or the “User Configuration” section. Since we are working on a per computer basis (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEin this example, we will expand the Computer Configuration side. Under Computer Configuration, expand Preferences > Windows Settings > Registry. You will see all the custom registries that have been added to this GPO in the right side of the window.  

Right click in this window and select New > Registry Item. You will see the below window 


Since we want to create this registry, we will change the action to “Create”. The hive will be the same place that we placed the registry on the server: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Squirrels\ClassHub\ 

After selecting the key, this window should now contain the following:  


You will see the registry item appear in the GPO.  

Next, you need to add the ClassHub Student Companion application MSI to the GPO 

In the Group Policy Editor, browse to Software Settings > Software Installation. Right click the area at the right and select New > Package… . Browse to the location of the appropriate companion MSI (32-bit or 64-bit). Click open to select the file. 

A prompt will appear asking your preference for the deployment type. Select Assigned to install the application automatically on start up. 

The MSI will appear in Group Policy Management Editor window. 

Close the editor window. 

Now, filter the GPO to your liking to properly deploy to the correct computers. General domain management should now be sufficient to continue deployment. 

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