Screen Peek Tips & Tricks: Chromebooks

The Screen Peek feature in the ClassHub Class Manager allows educators to monitor student device screens. This guide offers troubleshooting tips and outlines how Screen Peek works when students are using Chromebooks. This document does not include information about Screen Peek with student iOS, macOS or Windows devices. 

Active Screen Peek 

In the Class Manager, Screen Peek allows educators to actively monitor student Chromebook screens by showing the current active tab in the Chrome web browser.

No Active Tabs

Screen Peek only shows the active tab in the Chrome web browser. It does not show a students desktop. 

This screen is displayed in the following situations: 

  • The student does not have the Chrome browser open. 
  • The active tab in the Chrome browser is the Google search homepage, the Chrome Web Store, or a Google Settings page (example: chrome://settings/) 
  • The student is using an application installed on the Chromebook and not a browser-based application 
  • If you see this screen, try sending a webpage to the student. Once the tab opens on the device, Screen Peek should appear. 

Screen Peek Off 

This is how a Student Desk is displayed when the Screen Peek toggle in the Class Manager is set to "OFF." Educators are unable to view what's happening on the student Chromebook when the toggle is "OFF." Be sure the toggle is set to "ON." The Screen Peek toggle can be found in the top right corner and is green when set to "ON." 


No Screen Peek Available 

Displayed when Screen Peek has been interrupted or is unable to connect. 


If you see "No Screen Peek Available," try the following: 

  1. Right click on any white space in the Class Manager and click "Reload". 

  1. If that does not work, check to make sure: 

  • The Chromebook is connected to wifi
  • The Chromebook is awake and not in sleep mode 

No Screen Peek: Next Steps 

If youve tried to activate Screen Peek using the steps above and are still unsuccessful, you should collect a log file and send it to your IT administrator. Before the student signs out of the Chromebook, follow the steps found here to collect the log file: 

ClassHub Student Companion Extension Log Instructions for Chromebook

*Note: The student device must be in Developer Mode to gather logs. Your IT administrator may have to temporarily enable the use of this function. 

Student Offline 

Displayed when the student device is offline or not connected to the class. 

If a student is showing as offline, check for the following: 

  • Did the student log in with his or her school account?
  • Is the device awake? 
  • Is the device connected to wifi? 
  • Is the device connected to the same wifi network as the teachers device? 
  • Is the ClassHub extension colored on the Chrome browser? If there are any ! errors appearing in the extension, this should be shared with your IT administrator. 

  • Are the ClassHub application and ClassHub Student Viewer installed? To check go to chrome://extensions on the student device and ensure that the following both appear. If either of these are missing, report it to your IT administrator so the missing component can be installed. 

  • In some cases, the student's previous teacher may have left their class running. If this is the case, stopping and starting your class will connect the student to your class. 

Student Offline: Next Steps 

If you have confirmed the items above and the device still shows inactive, please share the following information with your IT administrator: 

  • Students name
  • Student login ID 
  • Class name 
  • Log files from the student device if you are able to collect them

Before the student signs out of the Chromebook, follow the steps found here steps to collect the log file:

ClassHub Student Companion Extension Log Instructions for Chromebook

*Note: The student device must be in Developer Mode to gather logs. Your IT administrator may have to temporarily enable the use of this function. 

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